Board Members

Updated Saturday April 29, 2017 by Jason Garrison.


President:  Mark Tackett:

Vice President:  Bart Smith:

Secretary:  Jason Garrison:

Treasurer:  JD Martin

Board Members: Matt Haehl, Brady Rife, Brad Bass, Junior Collins, Mike Phelps, John Blackwell, JD Martin, Scott Debaun, Eric Wagner, Ross Ebert, and Dean Freese 

*SCBR Operations*

Umpires: Dean Freese


Field Maintenance:  Dean Freese

Concessions:  Brad Bass:

Sponsorship:  Mark Tackett and Junior Collins

4-6 League Director:  Mike Phelps

7-8 League Director:  Junior Collins and Bart Smith

9-10 League Director:  Brad Bass and Ross Ebert

11-12 League Director:  Jason Garrison and Dean Freese

If you're interested in volunteering on the board in any of the these areas, please contact us at

Thank you for all your help throughout the season!