Board Members

Updated Friday June 16, 2017 by Jason Garrison.


President:  Mark Tackett:

Vice President:  Bart Smith:

Secretary:  Jason Garrison:

Treasurer:  JD Martin

Board Members: Matt Haehl, Brady Rife, Brad Bass, Junior Collins, Mike Phelps, John Blackwell, JD Martin, Scott Debaun, Eric Wagner, Ross Ebert

*SCBR Operations*

Umpires: Mark Tackett


Field Maintenance: 

Concessions:  Brad Bass:

Sponsorship:  Mark Tackett and Junior Collins

4-6 League Director:  Mike Phelps

7-8 League Director:  Junior Collins and Bart Smith

9-10 League Director:  Brad Bass and Ross Ebert

11-12 League Director:  Jason Garrison

If you're interested in volunteering on the board in any of the these areas, please contact us at

Thank you for all your help throughout the season!